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From "Neeme Praks" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon2 Design
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2000 16:58:48 GMT

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> From: Stefano Mazzocchi []
> Sent: Friday, June 02, 2000 4:18 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Cocoon2 Design
> > yes, this what I was looking for. Instead of trying to pass in many
> > URLs, you can achieve the same effect by doing redirects. 
> However, for
> > some reason I have been reluctant to use redirects extensively so
> > far...can't tell exactly why, though... how is the browser 
> support for
> > redirects?
> Careful: "redirect" doesn't mean necessarely "client-side redirect".
> It could also be internal redirection.

OK, very good that's what I was aiming at. Will the internal redirects
be available only through sitemap or also from custom code? Probably
sitemap should be enough if we are able to write our own custom matching
logic (e.g. <match type="user" is="administrator">)...

> > for example, when I want to use simple link for some action 
> (very common
> > problem): I cannot POST information together with a 
> hyperlink (without
> > any use of JavaScript).
> I still don't get it :/ (sorry, but I need to visualize it to 
> be able to express a meaningful comment)

what i mean here is that I can pass GET parameters with a link by
putting together simple link:
<a href='/myAction?myvar1=myval1'>Go and do my action!</a>
To achieve the same result with POST would require something like this:
<form method='POST' action='/myAction' name='myForm'>
<input type='hidden' name='myvar1' value='myval1'>
<a href='javascript:myForm.submit()'>Go and do my action!</a>

(example is not guaranteed to work in real life, just to show my


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