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From "Neeme Praks" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon2 Design
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 20:26:31 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stefano Mazzocchi []
> Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2000 8:19 PM
>  <components>
>   ...
>   <tester type="user" class="org.apache.cocoon.tester.UserTester">
>    <param name="database-url" value="...."/>
>    <param name="database-password" value="...."/>
>    ...
>   </tester>
>  </components>
>  <processing uri="/bugs/home">
>   <if test="user is authorized">
>    <generator type="xsp" src:local="./xsp/home.xsp"/>
>   </if>
>   <else>
>    <generator type="xsp" src:local="./xsp/login-form.xsp"/>
>   </else> 
>   <filter type="xslt" src:local="./styles/simple2html.xsl"/>
>   <serializer type="html"/>
>  </process>

Ok, I see what you mean.
My initial concern was that I cannot use sitemap to alter the processing
flow of Cocoon dynamically at run-time. Well, I see that this is
actually not an issue. By combining sitemap, redirects and referrals, it
is possible to almost duplicate the functionality found in Turbine. It
is not an exact match, but it is enough for me at least.

Actually, how well is supported the "referral" feature: together with
the POST data the browser also sends the URL of the original page

> isn't the "tester" component similar to a Turbine action?
> But not equal because it includes logic that "tests" the state, the
> action concern is given to the sitemap.

yep, it is similar... and separated in a better way, IMO...

> > ;-)
> > And this is almost the target we are aiming at... but I 
> think it will be
> > easier just to take parts of Turbine and integrate them to 
> Cocoon that
> > to rewrite whole Turbine into XTurbine (and the end result 
> would still
> > be even bigger hack than now).
> I totally agree. But I don't think Jon would like that :)

Probably not... but I think there will still be some space for Turbine
under the sun ;-) Although I hate to see so much effort and talent being
put into a project that is "inferior", instead of putting it into Cocoon
that is the future.

> In case it's not, I probably misunderstood completely Turbine actions
> and if it is so, please, tell me :) (I'm never used Turbine directly)

Yep, that helped a lot to make the vision about Cocoon2 in my head much


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