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From Bob Tanner <>
Subject Re: awful list archive
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2000 19:33:05 GMT
Quoting Timm, Sean (
> I believe will get you what you want,
> but I don't really like the following statement from's FAQ:
> ------------
> How long do you keep the archives? 
> First, there is no guarantee on how long the archives will be up - they
> could go off line at any time The service went through a six month
> shakedown, completed in September 1998. During this period The Mail Archive
> proved successful technically, and more importantly, helpful to a number of
> people. 
> Thus, archiving services are planned to continue indefinitely. At present
> projected volumes, there is no need to remove archived material. Do not,
> however, misconstrue these intentions with a warranty of any kind. We
> reserve the right to discontinue service at any time with no warning
> whatsoever.

Will be up and available as long as Real Time is in business. :-)

We will hold all postings for as long as the list is alive. We are in the
process of upgrading the box does the searching and indexing as well, so the
search-database should be as accurate as the latest message in the archive.

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