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From Jonathan Stimmel <>
Subject Re: Thoughts on a data-driven web site
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 19:47:26 GMT
On Wed, Jun 21, 2000 at 09:16:48PM +0200, Neeme Praks wrote:

> In which stage do you perform the actual information layout (meaning:
> where do you specify how the content should be laid out on screen?)?

I've been debating the same thing... My current thinking is similar
to yours:

> The approach that I chose right now is to put some generic hints about
> the layout of the page in stage 1. Then, at later stage I would turn
> these hints into markup speficic to requested media / skin.

In short, the original "content identification document" should be
roughly related to the output page, but doesn't necessarily have the
final word. Of course, there will be performance benefits to keeping
it similar...

> Well... and this actually brings up another issue of reuse that I have
> been thinking about... Is it really worth to try to reuse even the stage
> 1 (content sources)? After all, WAP client has very different
> requirements than usual web browser and the same form that I would feed
> to web browser is maybe not really suitable for WAP client...?

I did overlook this problem in my email, but I have thought about it.
Our pages have a lot of cursory information that you wouldn't want to
send to a mobile device. There are definite performance benefits to only
loading the data you will actually be using which I believe will outweigh
the (minimal) effort needed to maintain the additional source documents.
The underlying directory structure would look something like:
  wap/index.xml              html/index.xml
  wap/index.xsl              html/index.xsl
  wap/news/index.xml         html/news/index.xml
  wap/news/index.xsl         html/news/index.xsl
  wap/weather/index.xml      html/news/index.xml
  wap/weather/index.xsl      html/news/index.xsl
  wap/xsl/skin.xsl           html/xsl/skin.xsl
Still quite managable.

> Cocoon2 sitemap and pipeline processing will make this easier for us,
> but till then...

I'm specifically targetting toward Cocoon2...

> These turned out to be more or less random thoughts... ;-)

Not really, it shows that two different development groups have
wrestled with the same problem and come to the same conclusions.
Hopefully that means we're both on the right track =)

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