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From Laurian Gridinoc <>
Subject Re: help - error in XSLT [OFF-TOPIC])
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 12:17:50 GMT
> On Wed, Jun 21, 2000 at 11:50:30AM +0000, Laurian Gridinoc wrote:
> > - So I read the XSL from a file, and write the result as another file.
> > - File colision is excluded  All I can guess is that something bad is
> > happening by working with those files.

> You've not got one of them as a fifo or unix socket, have you?
> Check their modes and make sure they're normal files.

> --
> Paul Russell                               <>
> Technical Director,         
> Luminas Ltd.

Is a strange Solaris ... I will ask the hosting service there about 
what is with those files, for me they seems okay...

I'll try now to do something not to read directly from the filesystem, 
but through Apache as URL... and no more write the result for caching, 
but sending it to the ServletOutputStream.

Thank you for the clue :)

Laurian Gridinoc
Chief Developer
Grapefruit Design
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Fax/Voice:   (0870) 126-5735 (UK)
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