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From "Alejandro P. Revilla" <>
Subject Re: C2 Logging
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 14:09:20 GMT
I'm reposting, my original reply didn't get thru (although my qmail says :
Jun 11 13:06:37 csdev qmail: 960739597.708046 delivery 613: success:
Sorry if you end up with two different messages (I didn't saved my original
reply...:blush: )

> Uh, found this very old message I flagged for comment. Sorry. Better
> later than never :)
Nice to get a response. Thanks!

> Sounds very much like Avalon's Omero, doesn't it?
Not really. Omero seems to be "LogLevel" based. jPOS's logger
is tag based, you can always use <information>, <warning>, <debug>
and it's up to your LogListener to filter and format desired messages.

It can be easily adapted to generate SAX events that would simplify
custom LogListeners creation.

> Hmmmm, kind of verbose.
It's up to your LogListener to filter and format 
desired messages. Your logged Objects may implement
Loggeable with a not-so-verbose output.

> Hmmmm, may create performance problems.
LogListeners can be decoupled from Logger thread (OperatorLogListener 
actually does that to avoid delays while sending and batching e-mail
messages). You can even check for listeners (Logger.hasListeners() 
method) to avoid LogEvent creation.

> Ok, Fede, take a look and contact Alejandro if interested.
Hey, no rocket science here :-), it's extremely simple, you can 
give it a simple look and possibly cut-and-paste a few lines of 
code (i.e. some parts of OperatorLogListener can be used 
to replace those "Fill me" on Omero's MailToWriter).

> (Cocoon2 will probably use Avalon so the logging part will be inherited
> directly)
I'm sure that's the way to go. 


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