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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: Code formatting thought...
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2000 12:57:09 GMT

--- Berin Loritsch <> wrote:
> I know this may be early to think about this now, but if we are
> doing server side compiling, why are we concerned about the
> format of the source code?
> In other words, if XSP is compiled behind the scenes and noone
> is really going to see the resultant code, why use a code formatter
> at all?
> The only reason I can think of is for debugging.  But once an XSP
> page is properly debugged (and the system is properly debugged),
> then the JStyle code formatting becomes unnecessary overhead
> that only serves to increase the latency with the first access.

Exactly, the code-formatter is for debugging purposes only. You can easily remove that parameter
from the sitemap.


> Is there currently a way to turn it off for deployment?  If not, will
> there be plans to do so?  I suppose, if we also had a method to
> cause the site to detect (via sitemap) all the XSP pages and
> compile them on startup that this whole question becomes moot.
> Anyhoo, It's just a thought.

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