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From "N. Sean Timm" <>
Subject WML Content - Help!
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 05:21:55 GMT
So I finally got a cellphone (a Mitsubishi T250), and it utilizes's UP.Browser 3.1 which support WML 1.1 content.  Cool...I surf
around a bit before deciding it's time to get down to some real
get some content spewing to it from Cocoon.  Naturally, it must work in
Cocoon 2, so I grab the WML example from the Cocoon 1 distribution, add an
entry to my sitemap, start up the server, and try to hit it.  After getting
past the content-type invalid error, I finally got to a point where I am
stuck without fixing something in either Xalan or Cocoon 2 (I believe).  The
UP.Browser 3.1 wants a <!DOCTYPE>.  Unfortunately, Cocoon only wants to give
me a &lt;!DOCTYPE.  My phone does not like this.  After searching the
archives, I discoverd that disable-output-escaping doesn't work with Cocoon,
and apparently Xalan doesn't support xsl:output (which seems like a cleaner
way to kick out the DOCTYPE, anyway).

So what should I do?  Is there any way to get this working without changing
code?  I'm browsing around through Cocoon 2's source right now to determine
how I could make this work, and I'm seriously considering looking into Xalan
to see how xsl:output could be added.  However, it would be really cool if I
could get this content kicking out before I go to work tomorrow...

Any help would be appreciated!  (I'll be up most of the night rummaging
through code, otherwise...)

- Sean T.

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