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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: Battleplan?
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2000 14:28:30 GMT
> > > C) Offline/Caching Functionality:
> > >    - Write it :)
> >
> > A patch exists but is due to be re-written using XLink (correct?).  Once
> > new sitemap is up and running, this should be easier.
> Yes, that's what I've remembered also. But I didn't remember who is in
charge of that.

Just remembered - Paul Russel wrote the original offline component for
Cocoon 2.

> Whats a HTTPGenerator?

A generator whose source is a http:// URL.  Handy for getting XML from other
servers.  I'll extend it to a URLGenerator Some Time Real Soon Now (TM).

> > XSP and XSLT are done.  Does anybody know how TRAX is doing?

> I do not have any experience with TRaX. The site mentioned version 0.6
still alpha but cocoon 2
> still alpha, too, so, should we go that way?

I was planning to implement a TRAX serializer several months ago, but the
only release of Xerces which worked with TRAX is one on the developers
(Assaf?) machine!  Once the API is finalised Xerces and Xalan will be
updated to work with them.  I'll join the list again and ask.

> > Let's build up a comprehensive todo list and stick it on the site - I'm
> > there is more to add here but I don't have the time now to dig through
> > archive.
> Yes, and have a status page which states Who works on What and how's the
status of the work.

Definitely.  Anybody got any ideas of how this can be done with a dynamic
form?  :-)


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