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From "Sven Kuenzler" <>
Subject Nice article in german "Computerwoche online"
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2000 11:25:14 GMT

the german "Computerwoche" has a nice article about the ASF online:  (in

I assume it also appeared in their printed version.


- The ASF is building a powerful platform for web applications around their
Apache server
- Public is not so aware of the Apache activities compared to the excitement
about Linux
- Quoting Tim O'Reilly: "Linux enthusiasts should not focus on fighting
Windows on the desktop market but rather choose the Internet as platform of
the future"
- Apache kept  HTTP "clean",  whereas Microsoft and Netscape would have
tried to add proprietary extensions. The strong number of Apache
installations prevented this.
- Apache "gravity center" for free software
- Description of Java, Jakarta and XML projects
- Liberal license attracts industry players, whereas other OSS groups see
problems arising from it
- Open source as keeper of open standards in the XML world

We must admit that looking at progress bars does not qualify as working
           -- Apocalypse Geek

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