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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject TagLib Confusion
Date Sun, 28 May 2000 10:10:45 GMT
Dear Richardo (or someone else with TagLib experience)

I am trying to develop a proposal for a generic Form Handing TagLib.

The idea is that the TagLib will allow the inclusion of other TagLibs
for I/O purposes.

ie. a form handler may want to make use of a File R/W TagLib, or the
SQLTagLib etc. to read and modify XML resources via a form.

My confusion is this:

How do TagLibs interact when there is more than one in the XML file?
What happens when they are nested within each other?
What effect does the order of the namespace declarations have?

My understanding is that it is the order of the declarations:


which defines what order the TagLibs are "expressed", not the nesting.

Is this true?

thanks for any help

regards Jeremy

    Jeremy Quinn                                           Karma Divers
                                                        webSpace Design
                                             HyperMedia Research Centre

    <>     		 <>
     <phone:+44.[0].20.7737.6831>        <>

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