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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Encoded URL problem
Date Wed, 31 May 2000 17:49:13 GMT
Dear All,

Maybe someone can help me.

I am doing a SMIL version of Stefano's Slide Show, as a sample.

It uses two forms of URL:


The first type is the one passed in the HTML, the second is in the SMIL.

When the request with path args comes in to the server, the "?" and "="
have been URL encoded thus:


The server then returns a 404 and the plugin hangs =:)

Would people consider this to be the fault of the server (IWS iServer on
MacOS9) not URL Decoding properly, or the fault of QuickTime for URL
Encoding those special characters in the first place.

Thanks for any help.

regards Jeremy


   Jeremy Quinn                                           Karma Divers
                                                       webSpace Design
                                            HyperMedia Research Centre

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