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From Brian <>
Subject (off topic) What would you want to see in a pure java ISP?
Date Thu, 11 May 2000 17:00:39 GMT
Hello out there in Java land!

	I am putting together a business plan to start a pure java
ISP. My plan thus far will have separate dev/production environments for
my customers to test their servlets on. I was thinking of starting out
with alpha boxes running the latest Compaq JVM and TowerJ jvm. That way
you have a standard and accelerated jvm to work on. 

	I will "sandbox" the jvm's so that processes from different
customers will not interfere with each other, and provide an RMI/API set
for jvm's to "talk" to each other. The production environment will not be
distributed in nature in the beginning however, I plan to add Load Sharing
Facilities and load balancing over time.

	Dev boxes will have the standard Linux tools for java. I plan on
making these boxes as open as possible for you to develop your java
solutions under. Production will be a little bit more stringent in terms
of processes and system resources. 

	I understnad that this sounds vague right now but, I just put the
numbers together and got the capital to start. Please send your
comments/suggestons so that I may hone this plan into a more focussed and
developer aware ISP!  Thanks!!

	I'm excited to hear your feedback! 


						Brian Gilman

Brian Gilman		
Scientific Programmer
WhiteHead Institute 

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