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From Kevin Sonney <>
Subject Re: LDAP Processor Modification
Date Sun, 07 May 2000 17:22:23 GMT
On Sat, 6 May 2000, Ricardo Rocha wrote:
> Kevin's proposed patch/hack is to explicitly check for the request's
> remote user or named header:

Correct. It's a quick & dirty, to get the functionality I need *RIGHT
NOW*. However, upon reviewing the proposed query string parameter stuff
you sugested, I'm now inclided to make those modifications. Well, ok,
sometime this week, since, like donald, I've got some client work ythat
needs done beforehand. *grin*

> It occurs to me that, instead of "wiring" these cases, we might
> extend the LDAP query string parameter syntax to support:
> all in the name of simplicity and backwards compatibility...

Which is always nice, I'll admit *grin*

> Hmmm... this smells of FS...

FS? I'm guessing "full support", but this is an acronym I'm not used to

> Yes!!!

I guess I just volunteered, withuot meaning to? Uh-oh....

> If we had an LDAP logicsheet, the above 3 cases could be
> easily rewritten as:
> with no additional coding or special case handling...

Exactly. That was the functionality I really wanted. However, the time
it'll take me to write the logic sheet versus the time it takes me to add
the patch was why I wrote the patch first. 

However, now that I have something that works for my client(s), I can
begin writing something a little more useful to the rest of the
world. *grin*

- Kevin Sonney

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