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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Sitemap Definition
Date Wed, 31 May 2000 03:44:29 GMT
Going through the sitemap discussion from over the weekend made we want to
sit down and remind myself what the sitemap should accomplish. I threw
together this assessment:

Ultimately, we want to present information to the user in a fashion
appropriate to them as much as possible (HTML to a browser, WML to a wap
phone, PDF to a browser that requests it specifically, etc.) Internally,
we want the sitemap to tell us, given a request, what initial data we
start with and what actions are needed to transform it into the results.

We want to encode the rules for doing this in a sitemap file. We want the
rule set to be sufficient to enable a given request to resolve to a data
source and a set of filters. We want the function that handles the
resolution to be able to depend on any request-time information (e.g.
requested URI, request parameters, language preference, HTTP headers,
etc.). We want the ruleset to be chosen to minimize both the number of
rules and the average length of the sitemap file. (Really, we want to
minimize ruleset creation and maintenance time, but that's a difficult
metric to measure.)

Does this cover everything or did I forget something?

- donald

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