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From Pete Farmer <>
Subject Re: a lurker comes out... RE: [cocoon 2] removing bottenecks
Date Wed, 31 May 2000 21:45:30 GMT

Stefano wrote:
> this is nothing related to me. Not even
> (unfortunately, I wanted that domain!)

Gosh, really? We're deeply disappointed to learn this. We thought you
were blowing up all those buildings with Cocoon somehow.

> C'mon, it's ApacheCON! It's the single most important software in the
> software history! I'm sure your boss will find money and time for this,
> after all, you might well be ahead of time when XML hits the market and
> you need XML gurus around, don't you think?

Well Hey! Guess what? My boss already helps to fund Apache so I guess it
may not be too difficult to hit him up for ApacheCON Europe funding and
resource, whaddaya think? Shall I give it a try? Btw, last time we checked
the site, it still wasn't allowing registrations...

> And what't the best way to learn than to write the technology yourself
> or be part of the process?
> :-)

> (I know you can do it! Just try hard!)
Uh. Ok. But I'll skip the Kool-Aid, thanks. And I don't clip for comets.

Hey btw, I admire your ability to traverse every thread dialog on these
lists (frankly I don't know where you find the time to do anything
else!), but let's do ourselves a favour and let this one die a death, so
we can devote our attention to _real_ work. And there a dozens of other
more interesting threads on this list at the moment!

I've made attempts to contact the _2_ other names mentioned in your recent
documentation suggestions, and am awaiting reply. ?

Meanwhile, I'll happily markup (DocBook v4.0!) all the existing docs,
preserving what I can in the way of presentation. As you've seen, I use a
pretty tiny subset of DocBook, so markup was largely a search & replace
function. Some chapter organization needs done, which I'll take a first
cut at, since it's so easy to rearrange later. All that's really needed is
a basic framework IMO.

After that, I fancy myself as being more in the "logic" box than the
"content" box, which I'm expecting to translate to either helping the
content people get FOP (and Cocoon) running on their systems, and/or
markup of their plain-text content, if that's okay. How does this sound to
"management"? I am assuming that any rational person would want me kept
far from the "style" box. (that's why I use DocBook! If people don't like
my layout it's Norm's fault!)

You mentioned that HOWTOs are urgently needed. I've been culling emails on
installation problems, for FAQ and HOWTO content. Does someone already do
this? I don't want to duplicate effort.

I better stop now before I commit to more than I can realistically manage!
It's already 20:30 and I have hours of work left. Man, how do you folks
deal with so much email?!?! Now I shut up. Except that I've been surprised
recently to learn of so many people now using Cocoon in my geographic
area! We have even met with some of them, and been able to offer some
small assistance. Cool.

Pete Farmer
   ubi-vis, adv. [volo], where you will, be it where it may, wherever it
   may be, anywhere, everywhere: nemo sit, quin ubivis, quam ibi, ubi
   libet, Hor. S. 1, 4, 74.--With gentium : quanto fuerat praestabilius,
   ubivis gentium agere aetatem, i. e. anywhere in the world

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