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From Pete Farmer <>
Subject Re: a lurker comes out... RE: [cocoon 2] removing bottenecks
Date Mon, 29 May 2000 08:37:40 GMT

> Pete Farmer wrote:
> > 
> > On Sat, 27 May 2000, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> > >
> > > I would love to have documentation written in DocBook, but I don't want
> > > to use tools from other projects to do this.... Cocoon should build its
> > > own documentation!
> > 
> > Cool. In principal, I agree. This old dog may need to learn a few new
> > tricks to accomplish this, at the moment however. Btw, are you including
> > TeX in the 'tools from other projects' category? A "yes" here will
> > generate follow up questions)
> yes
Executive summary:
How can I make a .pdf file without using tools from other projects?

I'm drilling into the Xalan, Xerces, and Cocoon docs presently to try to
figure this out, but I'm grateful for any insight.

Tedium and minutae:
If we constrain the universe of desirable output formats to .pdf,
.html, and .wml, I *may* be able to figure out how to get things working - 
ie Cocoon building its own docs.

On first blush, the .pdf output is a challenge, since 'til now I've been
generating .pdf from .dvi output, for which I currently depend on TeX. The
.htm and .wml obviously present no problem, although I'm wondering if
DocBook output isn't overkill in the .wml world presently? But hey, who am
I to decide what content people want on their WAP devices? I don't make up
the content... I just present it.

I'd welcome the opportunity to help out here, but I don't want to waste
everyone's time by getting all wrapped 'round the axle on this DocBook
thing. Please tell me how to stoke you people, as you have stoked me.

I marked up the Cocoon2.xml doc as an example, and will happily forward it
to any interested party. I can also provide formatted output examples, so
that a decision can be made as to whether this DocBook goal is worthwhile.

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