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From "David Duddleston" <>
Subject RE: C2 Logging
Date Fri, 26 May 2000 02:57:18 GMT

> I think the logging idea should be discussed now, just before the
> core gets
> rewritten in light of the new and improved sitemap.  Good logging is
> essential for good debugging!

I'm up for it discussing it and helping implement it. I guess we should
start by listing out some ideas on how the logging should work and then see
what existing code is already available. Maybe this has been discussed in
detail before???

I like the idea of having a log queqe/cashe and then subscribers that do
something with the log information (save to file, output to terminal, send
an email). The subscribers can specify what kind of log data it should get
and take appropriate action with the data. Multiple levels of verbosity is a

Existing code...?

Alejandro P. Revilla said he would donate his logging code which sound nice.

Avalons Omero is a possibility... it would be nice for a change to see
services like this shared amone other apache projects instead of everyone
implementing there own verion of it. Of course we will have to see if it
fits our needs.

I have yet to look into log4j, but I'm going to do that by this weekend.

What else is out there that could be a good canidate.


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