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From "Matthew Langham" <>
Subject SAP and others..
Date Fri, 26 May 2000 06:12:13 GMT
> While I'm on the topic, what other sources of digital information (besides
> SQL or LDAP) does a company (or government) have that might be used by
> Cocoon?

Email dude, email! I keep on saying it: if we give people email taglibs,
I'm sure Kevin will work out some JetSpeed module for that, isn't it

My list:

A Generic RMI Processor
A Portal Processor


I would imagine designing a generic RMI interface with a method such as
"Execute()" The function would take XML as input and return XML. That way
you could hook up RMI servers via this generic interface. The the XML for
the processor would define the lookup stuff and the class used etc.


Ok I realise there is JetSpeed - but that _uses_ Cocoon to generate the
specific HTML pages - right? I would rather imagine a portal processor which
can generate portal specific XML (is there a DTD for this?) and then injects
that into the outgoing XML. The combination (PortalXML and ApplicationXML)
can then be parsed by the XSL stuff.

Or is JetSpeed the better choice? From what I have read if I use JetSpeed I
change my processing model and I like the way the processors hook into
Coccoon. I see the Portal part being in Cocoon - and not the other way


Matthew Langham, S&N AG, Klingenderstrasse 5, D-33100 Paderborn
Tel: +49-5251-1581-30   [ -]

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