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From Mikael Helbo Kjær <>
Subject SV: [wanna laught?] Microsoft invented XML
Date Tue, 16 May 2000 13:58:08 GMT

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Fra: Pat Laplante []
Sendt: 16. maj 2000 15:40
Emne: RE: [wanna laught?] Microsoft invented XML

> Write-Once-Run-Everywhere is THE THING, and anyone who doesn't get that,
> should go back and hack C++ on  a dozen Unices.

I agree with the sentence Write-Once-Run-Everywhere.... but I don't agree
with the "hack C++".  If you hack C++, you are a bad programmer and you
shouldn't be coding at all.

C++ is fast, you can do what you want with it (and that is the problem).
Some bad engineer use it badly and it became a hack.

On the other side, Java implement really nice design pattern and concept.
But the speed of a java app is way too slow.  I am running Java app on a
PIII 500Mgz and I have the impression of being back on my old Pentium 100.

So Java is nice and clean, but until they improved the speed, it will never
replace C++ for desktop applications.....


Oh Please not the Java is slow argument again... <sigh> Back into the
trenches (I`ve just had this argument with a group of java programming
First of all Java isn`t really that slow, using the latest JDK
implementations (Sun`s JDK 1.3 (with or without the HotSpot server VM 2.0
),IBM`s JDK 1.3 as well as Appeal`s jRockit on either Windows or Linux or
whatever) is damn close to C++ performance. 
Secondly Java is "unfortunately" very easy to learn and program often
causing the implementations to be less than optimized (and Java is very easy
to optimize). 
Finally there is a reason that more and more developers are using Java. It`s
a great language, feature rich in the extreme, surrounded by a strong
support for free software and open source and popular for it`s easy api`s.

I hate too say it, but to me (and I learned to program in C++) C++ is a hack
language, made for ugly design and solutions. And there`s a lot of argument
for and against this, but I (remember that: I feel I think. I won`t change
how you think I know that. My opinion is just that... MY opinion) feel that
using C++ in a huge project is a bit more hazardous and slow to finish than
C++. Believe me I like working with C++ and it delivers great speed, but at
the cost of nice and easy coding. C++ has alot of ways to do stuff, but in a
non-safe way in comparison with either Perl (can you say tim-toady) and
Java. In the end the memory-safe(or safer at least) structure of Java wins
hands down in comparison with almost all languages (yes I know I am a Java
worshipper, but wouldn`t you be if everytime you used everything works out

Mikael Helbo Kjær

Software Developer @ DIA a/s

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