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From Paul Lamb <>
Subject RE: Pipeline conditional model
Date Sun, 28 May 2000 20:55:38 GMT
> My two cents: resist the temptation to create a new 
> programming language.
I think Sam has a really good point here, I'm haven't really thought out the
feasibility of using xsp, but I immediately went, duh! we all should have
thought of that a long time ago. I'm also finishing converting a site
completely over to xsp's from jsp and asp; and now I'm sure why I kept
putting off using xsp for so long.

Just today, I've managed to read most of the mail this week on the sitemap;
and was absolutely amazed at how far it's come in just a week. But I have a
couple of concerns about this latest.

> So, for example
>  <matcher type="browser" src:class="BrowserMatcher"/>
>  ...
>  <if test="browser supports image/svg">
> the BrowserMatcher class must be something like
>  public class BrowserMatcher extends AbstractMatcher {
>     public boolean supports(String parameter, ???) {
>      ...
>    }

Personally, I'd rather see something like:

	<if test="browserMatcher.supports("image/svg")">

I'd also rather not require a matcher to be a subclass of AbstractMatcher.
What if I want to  use say a third party browser matcher--say BrowserHawk.
If this is an based on an xsp it's really not problem at all.

My second main concern is not really technical at all, but really just
readability and maintenance.

>   <if test="A">
>    <1/>
>   </if>
>   <else-if test="B">
>    <2/>
>   </else-if>
>   <else>
>    <3/>
>   </else>
For most of the sites that I work on, the matchers are going to be at least
2 a possibly three levels deep; and the thought of trying to debug these if
a single </if> gets lost or put in the wrong place will cause me more grey

If you went with Sam's idea then I can even put a bunch of this logic and a
tag library and create a really clean sitemap.

One thing that I thought could be added to the sitemap, was a way for
generators to do dynamically created static content--or in other words have
a way to do timed regeneration of specific uri's. I know that many sites
have pages that have a date on them and nothing else changes, so it would be
great to say regenerate this at 00:01 every day. This may need to be a 2.5
feature, but most of the pieces are already going to be in place.

In thinking about Sam's xsp idea some more I can also see some other uses.
Like being about to dynamically generate the sitemap from an ldap directory
or from a database. Plus, I think once something like bsf is incorporated
into xsp and an xsp sitemap, you've got a package that total kicks, and
should probably be the basis for something like servlet 3.0.

I've rambled enough, and I'm still a little amazed at the number of really
great ideas that have come thru this list in the last week.

Paul Lamb

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