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From Philippe Lavoie <>
Subject Cocoon and I-Planet Enterprise Server 4.1
Date Wed, 24 May 2000 18:40:14 GMT
Hi everyone,

We are looking into using I-Planet enterprise server 4.1 instead of our
enterprise server 3.5 + JRun 2.33 setup. I've ran into a bottle neck and
hopefully someone on this list can help.

I can get Cocoon to run and if I map a file hello.xml to cocoon (using
virtual map) cocoon will process the file.

However, I can't map *.xml to cocoon...

For some reason *.xml in vitual paths are not recognized by the IPlanet
Server. This is a real pain... I phoned Sun about it and they couldn't find
an answer for me (I got directed to a per incident site where they ask for
150$ to solve a problem...)

Please help.


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