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From Jason Reid <>
Subject RE: Squaring the sitemap circle...
Date Sat, 27 May 2000 00:24:29 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> 4)  I'm sure this has come up at least once before, but the ability
>> to specify some sort of 'defaults' for filters, serializers, etc.
>> would be nice.  I'd propose something along the lines of:
>>         <partition mount-point='/'>
>>                 <configuration>
>>                         <defaults>
>>                                 <serializer type="html"/>
>>                         </defaults>
>>                 <configuration>
>>                 <process uri="*">
>>                         <generator type="parser" src="./*.xml"/>
>>                         <filter type="xslt"
>> src="./stylesheet/standard.xsl"/>
>>                 </process>
>>                 ...
>>         </partition>
>Oh, good point for component defaults. I will think about it... hmmm,
>how about "process" inheritance?

One of my tweaks had something like process inheritance...however,
I ran into something of a 'multiple inheritance' problem...what if
I have one process that sets the default serializer (say, that all
HTML-serializing processes could extend) and another that sets
a default matcher (say an IP-Matcher for processes that should
be secure).  Personally, I would think that if there is inheritance,
it should only be single inheritance.  Anything else might be
too confusing.  On the other hand, single-inheritance might be
too limiting for a fully-refactored sitemap.

(Then again, the ability to be fully-refactored isn't a design
constraint on the sitemap anyway!)

Instead of process inheritance, perhaps process or resource
"use" by another process could be done?

	Jason Reid

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