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From Mark Washeim <>
Subject Re: [cocoon 2] removing bottenecks
Date Sat, 27 May 2000 11:58:09 GMT
on 23/5/00 11:34 am, Stefano Mazzocchi at wrote:

> Jonathan Stimmel wrote:


> Let me reply to this: the impression you get from "under the hood" is
> because what is contained into the CVS branch "is" an hacked up software
> that took a week-end to write.
> Cocoon2 = clean design + hacked code
> Cocooo1 = clean code + hacked design

Hej, Stefano, please! Cocoon 1 is not a hacked design. You may have found it
wanting but it's no hack. The reactor pattern and the use of PIs is a
perfectly sound design. I think in the interests of central administration
(something I sometimes question the wisdom of) you wound up with pipe-lines.
Although I realize it's far too late in the day for this discussion, I for
one intend on using cocoon 1.7.x well into the future, if only to create
environments in which novice users can play (ie, create 'standalone'
documents which will be processed under the 'old' model).

In any case, cocoon 1 represents clean code AND design :)


Mark (Poetaster) Washeim

'On the linen wrappings of certain mummified remains
found near the Etrurian coast are invaluable writings
that await translation.

Quem colorem habet sapientia?'

Evan S. Connell


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