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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject Re: External Entities & bundles
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 12:14:57 GMT
on 5/18/00 6:39 AM, Paul Russell at wrote:

> The only way 'around' this (although it is the correct
> behaviour) is to *somehow* get the character you're after
> into unicode. Two ways of doing that - firstly by putting
> the character into whatever encoding the ResouceBundle is
> using, 
How do you do this?  Isn't Java already converting the source code into
Unicode?  Does it not understand the ascii characters that I type in using
special key commands on my Mac.  For example, if I have a
PropertyResourceBundle file that has a special character like this - รถ -,
what happens to that character when the PropertyResourceBundle gets loaded
by Java?   It appears that it's just converting it to a "?" because it
doesn't understand the encoding.   Do I need to do something special in my
text files to tell Java what is going on?

This is mind-boggling that this doesn't work....


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