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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject Re: External Entities & bundles
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 11:19:33 GMT
on 5/18/00 3:13 AM, Paul Russell at wrote:

> Did you try my other suggestion of decoding the character
> entities after you read them in? Basically, you'd just need
> to write some code that searched through the incoming data
> and looked for anything beginning with an ampersand. When
> it finds one, it should look up the name of an entity in
> a hash to find the unicode character number for it.
> I used a simple perl script to take the entity declarations
> from the w3c .ent files and build a properties file from
> them. You can then read these into a Properties oject and
> treat it like a hash. I'd suggest you implement this as
> a class outside your XSP page and <xsp:include/> it in.
No, I haven't gone that far yet.  Is that what you're doing? It seems like a
lot of extra overhead for something that should be working to begin with.
I mean, parsing every single word on a page to look for ampersands seems
like a lot of extra work for a busy site??

Also, this SHOULD just work.  What is xalan doing that is mangling the
output of the stylesheet transforms.  Java classes are unicode and so are
XML documents so I'm not sure what's going on.  Is it because of the
character set of the OS that I'm using to type of these documents?  I tried
saving the documents as UniCode before adding them to my classpath but that
just made things worse.


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