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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject External Entities & bundles
Date Wed, 17 May 2000 23:22:34 GMT
OK, I've run into yet another problem with Cocoon and i18n...somehow I feel
that i'm the only person making a localized application. :-)

Anyway, because I want to separate presentation from data, I have resorted
to using ResourceBundle's from within my stylesheets to access localized
strings based on the users browser setting (or session setup).  This works
fine except that most non-english languages use non-ascii characters like

When I get the string from my PropertyResourceBundle by using this call:

<xsl:value-of select="java:getString($bundle, 'SOME_TEXT')"/>

Assume that the key/value looks like:
SOME_TEXT=S&ouml;me Text Label

I just get the actual entity in my HTML output.  The same goes if I put this
in the ResourceBundle
SOME_TEXT=S&#223;me Text Label

One suggestion on the users list was to do the ResourceBundle.getString()
call from the XSP which may work but this totally ruins the separation of
presentation from data.  I don't want to have things like this in my XML
<textlabel>Some Text Label<textlabel> which has nothing to do with my data.

I tried putting the entity's characters directly into the
PropertyResourceBundle but that just comes out as "?" in my HTML.

Anyone who has any ideas about this please let me know.


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