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From "Timm, Sean" <>
Subject RE: Relative Stylesheet URIs not fixed?
Date Sun, 07 May 2000 04:35:31 GMT
> My suggestion:
> 1) URI fully specified ==> take it like it is
> 2) URI not fully specified and starts with a "/" ==> determine server
> name and port, append URI

Shouldn't this be based on the servlet context (if running as a servlet)?
This issue needs to be addressed for the Cocoon 2 sitemap, as well.  It
should be http://ServerName:Port/ServletContext/URI.

> 3) URI not fully specified, but does not start with a "/" ==> append URI
> to the URI of the XML file minus the filename
> 4) Any of the above, plus a fragment identifier ==> do like above, but
> read from resulting URI resource only the part specified by the fragment
> identifier.
> 5) URI just a fragment identifier ==> what the hell is this good for? A
> Stylesheet embedded in an XML file? Let's leave it out until we see the
> merits of this particular nonsense.

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