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Subject Re: Pipeline conditional model
Date Sun, 28 May 2000 10:35:22 GMT

Stefano Mazocchi wrote:
> In this message I outlined a complete conditional model for
> pipeline componentization. It should allow to create simple
> sitemaps without problems, but, if required, contains all the
> syntax needed for every kind of pipeline complexity.

We have a similar problem in Ant.

My two cents: resist the temptation to create a new programming language.

Example from

>  <p>
>    Good
>    <xsp:logic>
>      String timeOfDay = ... ;
>      if (timeOfDay.equals("AM")) {
>        <xsp:content>Morning</xsp:content>
>      } else {
>        <xsp:content>Afternoon</xsp:content>
>      }
>    </xsp:logic>!
>  </p>

General design approach: focus on creating an object model with the
necessary state and functions captured for your problem domain.
JSP/Servlets have one.  ASP's have one.  The browser has one.

Then let people intermix logic with their data, using a pre-existing
language, with direct access to your object model.  Extra bonus points for
letting the user pick their choice of programming language.  Example: Perl
will be wildly popular.

- Sam Ruby

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