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From COFFMAN Steven <>
Subject RE: [RT] Can Cocoon help enforcing the "semantic web"?
Date Mon, 15 May 2000 19:43:16 GMT
Here's a paper on RDF Sitemaps with HTML links:

I initially rejected this because I didn't think the Cocoon sitemap could be
translated into this. I thought it was like trying to convert XSLT into XML.
However, the Cocoon sitemap isn't written in stone, so maybe it could

After your first message, I contacted members of the
listserv (the search engine gurus) to see if anyone had knowledge of an
existing RDF spider. One of them might step forward and create an RDF
spider, as several of them are working on HTML meta tag based spiders, and
expressed interest. A few are playing with Cocoon.

Spiders/crawlers don't seem to be common enough technology for vast swarms
of casual developers to create a useful RDF beast from scratch. My thought
is that an expert is required to get the ball rolling. It's alot of work
becoming an expert. It's easier to subscribe one to your vision. Until then,
I think RDF will continue to languish.


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