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From COFFMAN Steven <>
Subject RE: Is Cocoon going to be harmful for XML?
Date Wed, 10 May 2000 16:14:49 GMT
So just as clients are detected and given different content (WML, HTML, XML,
etc.) via sitemap, you want to do the same for RDF-crawlers, right? Cool. 

Even if Cocoon, the system, supports RDF in this manner, the intances of the
Cocoon-run sites have to write their sitemap and possibly XSL files to
support it. I know I don't plan on supporting wireless devices on my site.
Extra effort for no gain.

What are the possible rewards for their extra effort of RDF site support?
1. RDF Crawler search engines will now index their public content, as they
probably want.
2. A local RDF search engine will now function, possibly integrating cocoon
content cohesively with other parts of their website.
3. RDF will aid in maintenance of the website???
Any other reasons?

I don't know if #1 is enough motivation by itself. I have no idea if #3 is
true, or could be made to be. I don't think that the software currently
exists that would make #2 a real motivation. As a side item, what do the
current search engines identify themselves as? Are there any RDF crawlers?
Is your message a call to write one? Would it use regular expressions? :)


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