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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: XSP in Cocoon2
Date Wed, 31 May 2000 19:33:13 GMT
David Duddleston wrote:
> > Actually, I followed that whole thread closely (mainly because I
> > started it).
> > That is the _only_ part I have left.  I noticed, that the jar
> > file created after
> > 5/29/2k was several KB smaller than before--is it possible that something
> > is not getting in the jar at compile time?  Or--even more importantly, was
> > there a massive removal of code from the CVS for C2?
> My cocoon.jar is 183K

Mine is 186627 bytes

> > I have all the support jars in my classpath, *AND* in the WEB-INF/lib
> > directory.  Could this be the problem?  If so, which place does it
> > officially belong?

If you would use XSP then in tomcats classpath, otherwise you can put
them all in the WEB-INF/lib.

> You need to edit the tomcat.bat or .sh file and add the classes there. You might have
done that, but that is all
> I can think of. Basicaly you want to make sure that xerces is loaded before xml.jar or
jaxp.jar and parser.jar
> for Tomcat 3.2

If you have a win$ system, yes, you need to change the classpath in
tomcat.bat. On unices you can rename the parser.jar to zparser.jar to
get it at the end of the classpath which builds automatically
from the lib dir. Newer tomcat versions (I mean CVS checkouts) do not
require a xml.jar. Instead it uses the jaxp.jar and parser.jar from the
JAXP package available from SUN (search on for jaxp if you
dont have them)


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