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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Encoded URL problem
Date Wed, 31 May 2000 18:03:44 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> When the request with path args comes in to the server, the "?" and "="
> have been URL encoded thus:
>         /samples/smil/slides.xml%3fsection%3d3
> The server then returns a 404 and the plugin hangs =:)
> Would people consider this to be the fault of the server (IWS iServer on
> MacOS9) not URL Decoding properly, or the fault of QuickTime for URL
> Encoding those special characters in the first place.

Hopefully, this helps--but those are legitimate encodings for the URL.
According to the limited exposure I had doing straight CGI programming,
the impetus for decoding the URL is on the CGI program.  However, I have
never seen the question mark escaped.  What is happening is that Quicktime
is looking for a file named "slides.xml?section=", and of course the HTTP
server is returning the correct 404 error.

It looks like a bug in Quicktime because it is not passing parameters, it is
looking for funky filenames.  The question remains: is there something in
the SMIL spec that allows the passing of GET parameters that you are not
implementing correctly, does SMIL even allow the passing of parameters,
or is Quicktime just screwed up?

The work-around (if you are using Cocoon2) would be the sitemap, and
you would use the regular expression to rename the URL.  It's ugly, but
it would probably work.

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