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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [cocoon 2] removing bottenecks
Date Sun, 28 May 2000 22:20:40 GMT
Mark Washeim wrote:

> Hej, Stefano, please! Cocoon 1 is not a hacked design. You may have found it
> wanting but it's no hack. The reactor pattern and the use of PIs is a
> perfectly sound design. I think in the interests of central administration
> (something I sometimes question the wisdom of) you wound up with pipe-lines.

Central administration (meaning a central location for all managing
informations) it's indeed a bad thing.

This is why the sitemap can be cascaded.

> Although I realize it's far too late in the day for this discussion, I for
> one intend on using cocoon 1.7.x well into the future, if only to create
> environments in which novice users can play (ie, create 'standalone'
> documents which will be processed under the 'old' model).

I still believe that Cocoon2 will _totally_ replace Cocoon1 in all
> In any case, cocoon 1 represents clean code AND design :)

Thanks. I agree I did think of all aspects when writing Cocoon1, but
many information came out after I proposed the reactor pattern (almost
exactly a year ago, BTW, right before the first Exolab).

I do think Cocoon1 is useful, stable and fast enough to be used today in
commercial enviornments. I second that.

But even if Cocoon1 is the future of many server side commercial
applications, it's already the past for this project.

This project was born 6/12 months ahead of time and I want to keep that

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