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From Szymon Stasik <>
Subject Re: encoding, encoding, encoding...
Date Fri, 26 May 2000 04:35:04 GMT
Szymon Stasik wrote:
> plain mysql seems to be enough to get correctly encoded (eg. as-is) data
> from MySQL without aditional settings (of course I need to recompile for
> apriopriate sorting)
> =>
> there is one more encoding problem in cocoon :(

While investigating my current status is that while testing XSP (XSP
itserf is configured to use ios-8859-2 encoding) i have:

document.createTextNode("PL ok -- ±æê³ñó -- | PL not --" +

- first part ("PL ok -- ±æê³ñó --") shows correctly in HTML
- RS is latin2 encoded (but badly interpreted under cocoon) result of
some query I had prepared. 
- exactly the same query prepared in exactly same way compiled
standalone gives me correct results on the console

any ideas?


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