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From Ricardo Rocha <>
Subject Re: XSP confusion
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 22:11:15 GMT
Mike Engelhart wrote:
> My question is, why do I have to be in "trouble" :-)
> If I have classes that generate DOM elements and Node's (which I won't mind
> porting to SAX if need be) is there no way to easily append them to the XSP
> pages?  This is where I'm confused about what direction to take.  Is it
> prudent to start rewriting my methods that return DOM Element objects to
> return SAX objects?  Any advice appreciated.

XSP for Cocoon2 will include an overloaded version of method xspExpr
accepts as argument a Node expression and automatically translates it
SAX events. Your DOM classes will continue to work.

In addition to this, a second markup language ("dom-xsp") will be
that simply wraps existing, DOM-based XSP1 pages and transforms their
document into SAX events. This means additional overhead, yes, but
a straight way to provide backwards-compatibility with the existing XSP1


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