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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: SVG
Date Wed, 24 May 2000 16:15:20 GMT
Ross Burton wrote:
> Hi guys (good point: what is the male/female ratio on this list?)

Unfortunately, not so many girls around. :(
> Well, it appears that I am now working part-time for Colin Britton, starting
> in a week or so (3rd June) until 19th June, when I go on my first holiday
> for a lonnng time.

> This is the agenda of Stuff To Work On:
> 1) Complete the existing Image Encoders (adding options, functionality and
> speed (ha))
> 2) More image encoders (really a GIF one would be nice, but legal issues
> prevent that)
> 3) Ensure the SVG serializer works properly
> 4) Create some SVG Cocoon 2 filters which can manipulate the SVG document at
> process time (apply transforms, replace strings etc)

I hope you work with the FOP project for that! I would like to avoid
having graphics-specific code into Cocoon.

> 5) GUI editor for the sitemap

Now, _that_ would be something I'd scream for!
> The choice of SVG renderer to use is unsure at the moment: I'll either work
> on FOP or CSIROs SVG package.

How about integrating the two?

Wait, we are waiting for the IBM SVG folks, Mike, any news?

> Number 5 should be interesting.  This is being left until last as it is not
> essential, but also the DTD is about to change for the offline generator
> code.  I've got some groovy ideas for this (I'm going to use Castor to read
> the file into a Java object, that will make it sooo much easier!) but don't
> hope too much for it next week.  :-)

Like always, every bit is worth.
> Anyway, this mail was just sent to say "this is what I'm going to be doing
> from next week, any comments?".

Way cool :)

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