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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Offline mode and sitemap changes
Date Wed, 24 May 2000 16:12:00 GMT
Ross Burton wrote:

> > What do you guys think? Are the potential risks of letting
> > people target whatever they want (and risking codebase bloat)
> > worth it? I'm inclined to say abstract it, but don't include
> > and targets other than FileSystemTarget in the base system,
> > unless we're really really sure it's A Good Thing.
> I'd say pluggable.  A DAV target would be very cool, then I could run the
> offline gererator (can we call it OG for now?) and it would put the pages
> directly on the web server.

Yes, but let's keep this for 2.1 or later, ok? We already have enough to
> > What I can't quite get my head around is how to actually get XLink
> > into the equation. Linking one XML document to another is quite
> > another thing to preserving those links through the XSLT translations
> > that we're putting them through before they get to the client
> > (which in the case of the offline code, happens to be a file)
> > and working out what the request we need to give to the Cocoon
> > object to generate the required result is.
> I thnk the <source> and <view> tags which Stefano suggested are required.
> We spider the source, then cache the view.  Very verbose, but I can't see
> any other way of doing this.  For example, a page may begin as a file read
> from fisk, then goes through XSP, then LDAP, then XSLT to XHTML then
> serialized.  The source view would still need to go through the XSP and LDAP
> filters, but not XHTML.

> > The only answer I've come up with so far, is to 'Spider' or
> > 'crawl' the site, in a similar way to my initial implemen-
> > tation. If anyone can think of a better one, I'd love it,
> > HintHint (any Wiki fans out there? ;).
> I liked the Stylebook <book> idea for small sites, but I don't think it will
> scale well at all.  I think crawling the site from a number of start points
> (so that URLs which are not linked to but required are crawled too) is the
> only solution.

Yes, totally.

Stylebook is incredibly simple and powerful "if you do what the skin
designer wanted you to do".

In practice, it's hardcore XSLT programming: not impossible to write for
a good XSLT programmer, but a total pain the ass to manage.

Completely impossible for anybody but an hard-core programmer. In fact
Stylebook placed _much_ of the site-generation logic directly into the
stylesheet, providing the worst possible case of context overlapping:
style and logic.

Instead, Cocoon is designed to totally overlap (of course) but also to
remove the need of a direct contract between logic and style contexts.

This is why Stylebook was abandoned.

> > As Stefano has said, XLink is the answer. This would enable
> > the offline processor (name please!!) to spider over the
> > source XML relatively easily. The problem with this comes
> > with pluggable matchers - what if one source XML file/
> > generator produces a number of target documents? This might
> > not seem like that likely an occourance, but Cocoon2 is
> > designed to be a pretty damned serious piece of kit. I
> > fully intend to be generating title images, SVG
> > visualisations, and god knows what else. Some of this is
> > likely to come from inline data (particularly the title
> > images), and so we have to consider this
> The code I was planning on writing (I was waiting for Pier's "recent"
> commit) implemented the matchers, as a test I was writing IPAddressMatcher
> and UserAgentMatcher.  Both are capable of turning a single request to a set
> of responses.  Could be fun...

Can you elaborate more?

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