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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: [cocoon 2] removing bottenecks
Date Wed, 24 May 2000 16:09:10 GMT
I second that!  I can make time to be one of your documentation cronies
I am a lead developer in a small company that specializes in retail automation
systems.  Cocoon is the perfect platform for when we move from ColdFusion
code.  Our biggest customer doesn't allow CF any ways, but they do allow
Java Servlets ;o)

I have been doing small proofs of concepts within our company using this
technology.  I might be able to see if I can get my management to allow me
to work on this part time.  Either way, I have some time at home.

I have designed the specification docs we use in house, as well as created
a couple of them.  They include introduction with doc conventions, system
architecture overview, UML, and further information divided by components.

I just need to know what XML formats we use for this project, so that we can
create PDF and web docs.

David Wagner wrote:

> Stefano Mazzocchi wished
> >
> > I wish I had a pool of writers :( but we don't.
> >
> I've been wading in your pool for a few days, and this seems a good time to
> go off the deep end, so to speak.  I am currently working as a computer
> programmer and web site developer for a small environmental company.  Prior
> to this I worked for the US Air Force doing environmental work, the last
> four years of which involved teaching and writing technical course
> materials.  By the end of those four years I had designed, programmed,
> implemented, and provided the content for a custom (and open standards
> compliant) online courseware system covering environmental topics.
> The Cocoon project is very much like a web site generation tool I've
> prototyped for my own use over the past few months.  The architecture Cocoon
> uses, as I can make out from the mailing lists, is one I considered but
> discarded for a few reasons, one of which being I don't happen to own a web
> server right now so I am focusing first on offline static site generation.
> If all goes well, I'll switch it over to dynamic generation (though only for
> pages containing dynamic content; I happen to LIKE remote caching of
> relatively stable documents) once I have the system stabilized and own a
> server.
> What I am doing is not in competition with Cocoon since 1) I am not yet a
> Java programmer, a situation leading naturally to 2) my system uses only
> tools already available, at this point just an XSLT processor.  (There is
> also a major design difference I won't go into detail about at this time
> unless y'all really want to know; I understand the Cocoon2 design is Etched
> in Stone.)  In addition, I do not plan to compete with or to profit much
> personally from this or any other software since I am far more interested in
> helping solve pressing environmental and social issues than in making a
> buck.
> -- Processsing Warning: Soapbox issue detected without proper enclosing
> elements. --
> I am, however, intimately familiar with the W3C and other specs, especially
> XSLT, XML 1.0 and related mini-specs like XBase, XLINK, RDF and its family
> and dependencies like the Dublin Core, CSS, HTML 4, XHTML, and an additional
> host of RFCs and such.  I am getting a handle on XML 1.1, Schema, and all
> the rest, since I have found my system will remain crippled (or at least
> hacked around) until namespace, modularization, schema support is stabilized
> and implemented.
> Oh, yes.  I have been programming for about 20 years (nearly two-thirds of
> my life--gek!), but have not yet had a chance to use the Java language,
> though this may change if my current employer follows through with a
> proposal to set up a Linux box here running Apache.  (Yes, I've already told
> the system administrator about Cocoon, and have an application or two for it
> on my overflowing back burner.)
> Let me know what one swimmer in your author pool can do.  I'm probably in
> over my head, but the water seems fine so far!
> -David

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