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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: Just a little idea: a RSS taglib
Date Wed, 24 May 2000 16:08:33 GMT
Mikael Helbo Kjær wrote:
> I know that this might exist in Cocoon 2 already, but if it doesn`t this
> might be a great little thing to add to Cocoon 2. I think that Cocoon 2
> needs a taglib for the easy gathering, formatting and inclusion of RSS data
> for pages generated by Cocoon. Now I don`t now the first thing about making
> taglibs or Cocoon 2 architecture, but I have lurked around here for a while
> and I think that the presence of several powerful taglibs for Cocoon is a
> great thing. Now in general I can come up with several ideas for taglibs
> like this (just look at all these acronyms: LDAP(for data access), EJB (the
> easy access to these data would be so COOL)  taglibs ).

Check out Jetspeed (

There is a large RSS effort here.  The problems really don't just lay in
parsing the RSS.  That is easy.  The technical problems start to come up
where you:

- need to find all RSS channels (Jetspeed currently has 1700 from
- need to update them on a regular basis (Jetspeed has a
threading/cacheing/daemon infrastructure to do this)
- need to update your rendered content when remote content changes
(Jetspeed does threaded content expiration)
- need to buffer remote URLs so that they render from the local disk
(Jetspeed does this too).

The point is that it is done.  Jetspeed can be used as an API.  There is
an RSSPortlet that does XML->XSL.  This can't directly be used within
Cocoon but you could just use the core API and rely on the stylesheets. 
If you are willing to use an ECS ConcreteElement ( which needs to
product XML anyway........... ) you are set.

Have fun!


Kevin A Burton (
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