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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [cocoon 2] removing bottenecks
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 22:58:41 GMT
Giacomo Pati wrote:
> Hi all
> First of all let me tell you the story of today:
> I got up early this morning to clean my mailbox at 6:30 am. Left the
> office to visit a customer today, had a business lunch with my provider,
> afterwards I was at another customer to do some work. I came back to my
> office at 6:30 pm to see what's gone on the different mailing list I'm
> subscribed to. Puuh, over 300 mails!! No, not yet, my family is awaiting
> me for dinner, my kids want to tell me their stories of the day. This
> evening my wife is out of home for sports, so let's go behind the mails.
> It took me another 90 minutes to rush through the mails to grab the most
> important news out of them.
> Should I take the hole job you're offering me? It would be a challange!
> Can I offer the time necessairy to do the job right?  What does it mean
> to my free time plans? I had to cancel most of the list subscriptions.
> Concentrate only on cocoon-dev and maybe cocoon-user?
> More comment see below
> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> >
> > I would like to clarify: I'm not disappointed because Pier couldn't find
> > time to dedicate to this project. Hell, no. This is a volunteer effort
> > and we are all friends and we all understand everybody needs a day job
> > to make a living.
> So am I!
> >
> > I'm disappointed by lack of communication and the stall that this
> > created in the project.
> >
> <snip/>
> >
> > Project coordinator should be responsible for:
> >
> > 1) do the actual submission checkins when nobody else does it
> I think this job need not be done by a project coordinator. This job can
> be delegated to another committer, maybe having a representative (hope
> this is the correct word for) during vacation or alike. Actualy I can do
> this. It doesn't take me that much time.

Ok, cool.
> > 2) clean up, update and regenerate the web site
> This is not clear to me. Regenerating the web site means to me running
> " site", easy job. Update the web site has to do with writing
> documentation, right? 

Not necessary. Just making sure the site is up-to-date.

> And because it is a web site which represents the
> project to the world it has to be done by a team of writers/editors. I
> think this point is like 1) and 3) but for documentation. Maybe there
> are people on the list willing to write documentation because they are
> not that good coders but like to contribute in this way? Any out there?
> In fact I am a miserable writer (well, at least in english)!

I wish I had a pool of writers :( but we don't.
> > 3) create the distributions
> Isn't this just a " dist" and write a "hello, here it is" mail?
> (Yes, I know, after having the discussion of "should we make a new
> release?" :-)

Basically, yes.
> > 4) settle technical and human conflicts (if they happen)
> Yes, this is a project coordinators job.
> >
> > But the most important responsibility is:
> >
> > 5) being there!
> I was always here, and so where others. What do you mean?

Nothing more that what just said: a project coordinator cannot be silent
or unresponsive. This is the main thing.
> >
> > A project needs a catalizer in order to work, catalizers are
> > coordinators, people that don't tell you what to do, but suggest you the
> > best way of doing things, to avoid code replication, to avoid stalls and
> > problems down the road.
> >
> > Is the one that has the global vision and tries to help everybody else
> > with his job.
> Yes, you hit the point. I actually think I don't have the global vision
> and that's why I do not volunteer for the job as project coordinator. I
> can volunteer for parts of it as I've mentioned above.

Good enough.
> > The status of the project is the same of the initial checkins with some
> > additions:
> >
> > 1) Ricardo has a working XSP implementation
> Check it in!!

Well, I'll let him decide that :)
> > 2) Donald has a working XInclude filter (checked in)
> > 3) Paul has written patches for static content generation (a-la
> > stylebook)

I'm working on improving them right now.

> > 4) I have more ideas on how the sitemap, xlink and RDF could be
> > integrated

More soon.

> > 5) some Tomcat installation docs have been written (but not checked in)

will do ASAP.

> > 6) some bugs have been fixed (but not checked in)
> >
> > Disclaimer: I didn't touch a single line of Cocoon2 yet.

I did today :)

> > we need to remove the dust, include those things, write some startup
> > docs and make an alpha distribution ASAP.
> >
> > Giacomo, if you volunteer for the job, I'm more than happy to vote for
> > you....
> >
> > ... but, please, if you think you can't do it, or others don't like his
> > operate, let's not wait another two months to tell, ok?
> Hey, I'm trying to be as responsive as I can ;-)
> Giacomo [who has needed another 20 minutes to find the answers to this
> mail]

Which tells us you care and it's enough for me... 

Hmmm, anyway, I think that "project coordinator" is a name too serious
for this project... c'mon, let's have some fun... I propose the
following roles:

Giacomo -> Master of the Release Keys
Ricardo -> Great Wizard of Turingland
Donald -> Knight of the Golden Component

What does this mean? I don't care, but it's more fun :)

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                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
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