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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: [cocoon 2] removing bottenecks
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 20:32:41 GMT
Hi all

First of all let me tell you the story of today:

I got up early this morning to clean my mailbox at 6:30 am. Left the
office to visit a customer today, had a business lunch with my provider,
afterwards I was at another customer to do some work. I came back to my
office at 6:30 pm to see what's gone on the different mailing list I'm
subscribed to. Puuh, over 300 mails!! No, not yet, my family is awaiting
me for dinner, my kids want to tell me their stories of the day. This
evening my wife is out of home for sports, so let's go behind the mails.
It took me another 90 minutes to rush through the mails to grab the most
important news out of them. 

Should I take the hole job you're offering me? It would be a challange!
Can I offer the time necessairy to do the job right?  What does it mean
to my free time plans? I had to cancel most of the list subscriptions.
Concentrate only on cocoon-dev and maybe cocoon-user?

More comment see below

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> I would like to clarify: I'm not disappointed because Pier couldn't find
> time to dedicate to this project. Hell, no. This is a volunteer effort
> and we are all friends and we all understand everybody needs a day job
> to make a living.

So am I!

> I'm disappointed by lack of communication and the stall that this
> created in the project.
> Project coordinator should be responsible for:
> 1) do the actual submission checkins when nobody else does it

I think this job need not be done by a project coordinator. This job can
be delegated to another committer, maybe having a representative (hope
this is the correct word for) during vacation or alike. Actualy I can do
this. It doesn't take me that much time.

> 2) clean up, update and regenerate the web site

This is not clear to me. Regenerating the web site means to me running
" site", easy job. Update the web site has to do with writing
documentation, right? And because it is a web site which represents the
project to the world it has to be done by a team of writers/editors. I
think this point is like 1) and 3) but for documentation. Maybe there
are people on the list willing to write documentation because they are
not that good coders but like to contribute in this way? Any out there?
In fact I am a miserable writer (well, at least in english)!

> 3) create the distributions

Isn't this just a " dist" and write a "hello, here it is" mail?
(Yes, I know, after having the discussion of "should we make a new
release?" :-)

> 4) settle technical and human conflicts (if they happen)

Yes, this is a project coordinators job.

> But the most important responsibility is:
> 5) being there!

I was always here, and so where others. What do you mean?

> A project needs a catalizer in order to work, catalizers are
> coordinators, people that don't tell you what to do, but suggest you the
> best way of doing things, to avoid code replication, to avoid stalls and
> problems down the road.
> Is the one that has the global vision and tries to help everybody else
> with his job.

Yes, you hit the point. I actually think I don't have the global vision
and that's why I do not volunteer for the job as project coordinator. I
can volunteer for parts of it as I've mentioned above.

> The status of the project is the same of the initial checkins with some
> additions:
> 1) Ricardo has a working XSP implementation

Check it in!!

> 2) Donald has a working XInclude filter (checked in)
> 3) Paul has written patches for static content generation (a-la
> stylebook)
> 4) I have more ideas on how the sitemap, xlink and RDF could be
> integrated
> 5) some Tomcat installation docs have been written (but not checked in)
> 6) some bugs have been fixed (but not checked in)
> Disclaimer: I didn't touch a single line of Cocoon2 yet.
> we need to remove the dust, include those things, write some startup
> docs and make an alpha distribution ASAP.
> Giacomo, if you volunteer for the job, I'm more than happy to vote for
> you....
> ... but, please, if you think you can't do it, or others don't like his
> operate, let's not wait another two months to tell, ok?

Hey, I'm trying to be as responsive as I can ;-)

Giacomo [who has needed another 20 minutes to find the answers to this

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