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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: First live Cocoon2 site? [cheat]
Date Mon, 22 May 2000 22:49:43 GMT
Ross Burton wrote:
> > I *believe* (Stefano: correct me if I'm wrong) that Stefano
> > wants to re-write it using XLink, which makes a *LOT* of sense.
> > I was considering a similar rewrite myself, because linking
> > was causing me problems in the last project I built with it.
> > I'm totally up for throwing energy at that (and anything
> > else that needs doing, for that matter ;) if you guys want
> > me to...
> Wouldn't that require all links to be declared using xlink?  

You touched a nerve: yes, it would require _all_ links to be declared
using XLink, at least, simple xlinks (extended xlinks become quite evil
on the server side).

> (doesn't really
> bother me as the first site I'm going to put through the offline C2 when it
> appears I've just started).  Is it possible at the moment to use XML Schema
> and get all elements which inherit from xlink?  

It is possible to declare your xlink stuff in your DTD/XMLSchema and use
them everytime you reference that element. yes, it's possible.

But, there are some drawbacks: for example, to write an XHTML link and
allow Cocoon _understand_ this is a link, you must do 

 <a href="mylink" xlink:href="mylink">

which clearly sucks. Yep, you have to specify the href twice, first time
in the XHTML namespace, second time in the xlink namespace. This because
they mean different things depending on the namespace they belong to.
But in more structured markup, it's a lot better:

 <person xlink:href="">
  <name>Stefano Mazzocchi</name>

> Or is this a future idea when the parsers catch up with the specs?

No, xlink will be required for server side operation and it's up to you
to come up with XSLT transformation for those xlink-ed elements or send
them directly to xlink-supporting browsers.

Xlink is required by the server side crawlers that generates the
rendered pages to understand _where_ to go next without having to
understand the semantics of all the schemas involved in the site.

Is this clear, or should I elaborate more?

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