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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: [cocoon 2] removing bottenecks
Date Mon, 22 May 2000 17:34:35 GMT
Hi all,

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Due to problems with Pierpaolo that clearly is not able to do the job he
> volunteered for,  I'm right now proposing the election of a new Cocoon2
> project coordinator.

Could we know what the problem is? Lack of time?

> Even if I don't have much time, I volunteer for that role, trying to
> coordinate effort and provide substantial background for this project to
> _happen_.

Tell us what a project coordinator should be able to do (except coding).

I do project coordination in my day job (for commercial project). I can
only imagine what the diffrence is between open source projects and
commercial projects (I've never lead a open source project). The main
diffrence I think is the commitment to the project and the
responsability of such a commitment. As project leader/coordinator you
can't say "he, get your job done, or you'll be fired" instead the
commiters should say "he, I ran out of free time for the project, can
anybody help me getting stuff done?". So, more status reports from the
commiter telling what is going on with parts of the project they
commited to would help to give other commiters a view how the project is
forthcomming (as it happened to me not knowing who does what and when,
so wait until new drops into the mailing list).

> This would automatically close down the Cocoon 1.x branch, which will
> remain there just and only for bugfixes, but nothing else will added to
> that branch or backported from Cocoon2.
> I must say I'm very disappointed by everything that happened on the
> Cocoon2 branch so far, on the management side of things. (I don't have
> to say anything about code, Pier, Donald and Ricardo did a great job
> indeed).

Maybe we all have waited to long not talking about responabilities.

> But the project lacks coordination and I see forking frictions
> developping in the community, along with higher expectance.
> The plan is going to change:
>  - alpha version for Javaone
>  - beta version for ApacheCON 2000 Europe
>  - final version for XMas
> and I hope you all come and give us hands.
> Please, place your vote and comments.
> and let's get things done, damn it, instead of waiting on out butts
> forever.

As I've writte above: what is the status of the project. Since weeks no
checkins have been made to the cvs.

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