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From Ricardo Rocha <>
Subject Re: XSP Implementation in PERL...
Date Mon, 22 May 2000 03:50:47 GMT wrote:
> Ricardo Rocha wrote:
> > Coincidentially enough, right now I'm working on multiple
> > language support (compiled Rhino Javascript, BSF
> > multi-language will follow shortly).
> Please let me know what you mean by that.
> I was waiting for cocoon-2 to be updated (rumor has it that it is
> imminent). BSF support would provide Rhino Javascript...
> - Sam Ruby

I'm playing with _compiled_ Rhino (if mostly to assert the generality of
the CompiledProgrammingLanguage abstraction).
to generate java classes that extend the ServerPagesGenerator
class; it works fine with Cocoon2.

The reason I chose to test this without BSF (which will
be definitely used for all non-Java languages) is because
as far as I understand, BSF doesn't provide a persistent
repository for compiled class files, something XSP already
provides for Java...

I haven't found a way to permanently store generated classes from BSF
(e.g. for Rhino or NetREXX). I feel this is very
important in a server pages environment, where just loading
existing classes speeds things up.

Of course, Sam, I may be wrong and if such mechanism is already
available for BSF I'd love to leverage it right away!


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