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From Ricardo Rocha <>
Subject Re: XSP Implementation in PERL...
Date Mon, 22 May 2000 03:03:54 GMT
Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> <quote origin="Matt Sergeant" email="">
> Sorry - I really don't have time to follow the cocoon mailing list too,
> however you might want to tell them that their DTD for XSP is slightly
> wrong (I figured this out when implementing XSP for AxKit - the first
> perl
> implementation). The problem I found was that the spec for xsp:attribute
> is (#PCDATA), whereas it should (I think) be (#PCDATA|xsp:expr).
> </quote>
> AxKit can be found at;
> Niclas

Wow! XSP implemented in Perl, this is way cool!!!

Currently, I'm working on the SAX-based XSP implementation
for Cocoon2.

Coincidentially enough, right now I'm working on multiple language
support (compiled Rhino Javascript, BSF
multi-language will follow shortly).

Also coincidential, XSP is now based on a "MarkupLanguage" engine that
allows other markup languages to be plugged.
The first "additional" language will be "DOM-XSP", a
backwards-compatible implementation aimed at supporting the
existing, DOM-based XSP codebase.

Matt's correction is right: <xsp:expr> is valid
inside <xsp:attribute> and is, by far, the most
common usage.

For Cocoon2, I've introduced some minor changes to
the XSP DTD (<xsp:logicsheet>, <xsp:dependency>,
<xsp:include-document> and attribute "encoding" in
<xsp:page>). It seems we should coordinate around
this, Matt and Stefano.

In the meantime, I'm dying to test AxKit! Congrats Matt!


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