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From Sven Kuenzler <>
Subject Re: xml:form TagLib
Date Fri, 19 May 2000 16:09:54 GMT

> Instead of forcing the XSL author to extract the data they want from an XML Fragment,
provide a "Natural Language" Tag Set to get each thing.
> xml:form Tags in the addressed file, set up the whole thing, reading, writing etc., then
Tags in the XSL read whatever they needs from the TagLib when the StyleSheet processes.
> Something like this? :
>         <xsl:element name="input">
>                 <xsl:attribute name="type">text</xsl:attribute>
>                 <xsl:attribute name="size">40</xsl:attribute>
>                 <xsl:attribute name="value">
>                         <form:get-attribute field="{@name}" name="value"/>
>                 </xsl:attribute>
>                 <xsl:attribute name="title">
>                         <form:get-attribute field="{@name}" name="title"/>
>                 </xsl:attribute>
>                 <xsl:attribute name="maxlength">
>                         <form:get-attribute field="{@name}" 
> 				name="maxlength"/>
>                 </xsl:attribute>
>         </xsl:element>
> Which is not much different to what the XSL developer would have to do 
> extracting from their info from an XML Fragment, or this? :

I'd prefer the other approach, because I guess this is breaking the
separation of concerns.

Furthermore, I have not yet understood what you hope to gain from this
new approach.

> The TagLib supplies all the other bits, you did not overload.
> At this extreme, the TagLib would be outputting HTML, not a good thing, 
> right?

"Sounds limiting", you said to a similar idea of me. And I guess you
were right ;)


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