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From Mike Pogue <>
Subject Re: FW: it's there (ibm linux jdk1.3)
Date Thu, 04 May 2000 16:12:11 GMT
I checked on this with the Linux JVM folks at IBM, and here's what I learned:

The standard GA license for the 1.1.8 release from IBM enables a developer to include the
runtime environment and redistribute it without any termination date.

The Linux 1.3 Preview on Alphaworks *does* have a license that contains the 90 day
clause.  For a preview, they don't want developers distributing the preview (it has not
officially passed the JCK), or using it post GA (general availability, basically the
official Final Version Ship Date).

They tell me that the GA version will be made available before the 90 days runs out.   All
of IBM's GA licenses, including the Linux 1.1.8 license, do NOT contain any type of 90-day

Hope this helps!


Donald Ball wrote:
> On Wed, 3 May 2000, Kevin Sonney wrote:
> > OK, it's *FAST* - Faster than Sun's 1.2.2 on my 400MhZ P2
> > Redhat 6.2 Laptop. Fresh build (104 Sources) to Cocoon.jar in 36
> > seconds. Compared to the Sun Linux 1.2.2 JDK at 61 seconds.
> >
> > This new jit seems to scream as well.
> >
> > Sweet. I love IBM some days...
> yeah, but the license is only good for 90 days for personal,
> non-commercial end use. fat lot of good that does me, unfortunately.
> AFAIK, that's the same deal as the license for their 1.1.8, which is why I
> haven't been able to use it in production anywhere.
> - donald

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