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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: LDAP Processor Modification
Date Wed, 03 May 2000 22:15:00 GMT
Kevin Sonney wrote:
> So I'm hacking happily away at a site that needs LDAP, XSP and SQL - in
> that order. The problem is, I need some HTTP Request info to process the
> LDAP query.
> No problem, right? Just use XSP. Can't - I need XSP *AFTER* LDAP in order
> to complete the SQL Query. Whic sets the stage for this hack :
> What this patch does is it *FIRST* tries to get the requested string out
> of the Request Parameters. If the name isn't found there, we then check to
> see if it's an request for the REMOTE_USER, and send that. Finally, we
> check the rest of the Header for the variable. I'm sure I could add a
> couple of other special cases, but don't have a need for them. yet. *grin*
> This should also be considered a work-around until someone can hack out
> an LDAP TagLib (hey, that someone could be me, but I'm not that motivated
> yet *grin*).

I know Ricardo and James were talking about this and had something
working.... guys, still awake?

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