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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Sitemap DTD or extended samples.
Date Wed, 03 May 2000 22:12:52 GMT
"Williams, Murray Todd" wrote:
> Okay, don't take this as one of those impatient "when's it gonna be out?"
> sorts of questions, but I'm also curious about the Cocoon2 progress and
> sitemap. I'm the one who's been quietly maintaining Linux RPMs for Xerces,
> Xalan and Cocoon. If I can squeeze out some extra time from my crazy life, I
> want to try and get a head-start on building the Cocoon2 RPM. I checked out
> the CVS source and have managed to build everything okay.
> Before I start trying to figure out the basic installation and configuration
> stuff needed to get a simple "Hello World" running with simple XML + XSLT
> (no XSP yet, just the bare basics) I'm wondering things work well-enough yet
> to start. I checked out the existing documentation & the sample sitemap, but
> I'm not sure if the layout of is the same, etc.
> If things are functional to go ahead (Ie. if nobody tells me to hold off for
> a bit longer) I'm going to go ahead and start developing an RPM package. I
> hope this will help Linux-based people who want to get to square one (ie
> "hello world") as quickly as possible without worrying about editing
> .properties files, etc.
> While I'm mentioning it, as of Cocoon-1.7.2-2.noarch.rpm I think all the
> kinks are finally worked out. I'll have that final version uploaded to my
> web server ( tonight. Stefano, is there
> anything you'd like to do with these RPMs?

It would be totally great if we could have a Cocoon-1.7.3-1.noarch.rpm
package when Cocoon 1.7.3 is out. I mean, synchronize the packages. That
way, we could nominate you RPM-lord and give you write access on the
site so that you can maintain them.

that would mean having Cocoon as zip, tar.gz and rpm as official
distributions. It would be killer, don't you think?

Also, I would love to have Ant build the RPM for us. Something like

./ dist-rpm

and you're done, just like we do for zip and tar.gz... could you
investigate that and report what is missing if you fail?

And if this doesn't happen for 1.7.3 it doesn't matter, but we should
try to synch the efforts, don't you agree?

If we do, I'm more than willing to host those rpms on the official
cocoon distribution location.

How does it sound? anybody?

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